BookingSuite presents RateIntelligence

Get easy access to prices of  other properties in your area and local market demand information in one place!


BookingSuite is a division of that empowers property owners with tools and services to provide guests with the best experience. 

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Benefits of RateIntelligence

Track comparable properties of your choice

  • The system selects a set of 5 properties that you can compare yourself with, which you can change anytime!

Foresee what happens to your local market demand

  • has been collecting data for decades and we'd like to use this big data to help your business

Easy-to-read data reports

  • Different forms of reports so that you can understand the data in a way that works for you

RateIntelligence offers you all the relevant information you need to set the right rates for your guests

  • Easy-to-use tool to keep track of your comparable properties in your area

  • All the relevant information you need to set the right prices in one place 
  • Use the product for FREE without any commitment


What is RateIntelligence?

RateIntelligence is a tool that you can access from anywhere, at anytime to track prices of comparable properties and learn more about local market demand. 










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