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Join a community of business travel managers, travel buyers and business travellers and help make for Business a better experience for everyone.

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About the Community

Business travellers, travel managers and organisers, specially picked to provide feedback on products, ideas and features before they’re made public. The contribution of all our Ambassadors help shape future improvements at for Business, helping business travellers around the globe.

How It Works

Step 1

Sign up for an activity or feedback event.

Step 2

Get involved and give us your feedback.

Step 3

Become a leader and help millions of business travellers.

Enjoy Community Perks

Access products, ideas and features before they’re released to the public.

Share and discuss your ideas with other travellers and travel managers.

Become a leader and stand out in the community

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Who can join?

If you book business travel for yourself or for other travellers (and you’re comfortable communicating in English), you can become a community member. We've already hand-picked over 500 individual business travellers and almost 300 business travel bookers to be Booking Ambassadors so far, and after an initial trial we’ll be looking for even more.

What does being a Booking Ambassador mean?

Our ambassadors are passionate about the world of business travel and eager to share their opinion with us on products, marketing materials or any new ideas.

How can you take part?

After joining our platform you'll be first prompted to complete your profile so that we get to know you better. You can then start participating in the live activities right away. We will also send you an email with all scheduled activities you can sign up for.

Community Values

We are all experts.
We treat everyone as an expert. There are no right or wrong answers; all experiences and ideas are valuable.

Make yourself at home.
This is your diary so please feel free to start your own discussions and share what is on your mind.

No sales.
This is a strictly creative space. Nothing will be sold on the community by the team or other community members.

Respect for privacy.
We will not disclose your personal data to any third party.

We may be sharing confidential information with you on this community so we ask that you do not copy or share what is discussed outside of this community.

You may opt out of the research at any point. Please let us know if you no longer wish to take part. You can contact us via

By submitting your comments, photos, and videos, you agree that is able to use these in company presentations and reports and share on the Community site.